Embalagem do Futuro® at a meeting of Mobilizing Agendas in Alentejo

Embalagem do Futuro® was one of the 17 Agendas with investment in the NUT Alentejo that took part in the event that took place on April 4 in Évora, organized by PACT – Parque do Alentejo para a Ciência e Tecnologia and CCDR Alentejo, with the aim of presenting and taking stock of these Mobilizing Agendas under the PRR.

Of the 32 Agendas with investment in the NUT Alentejo, 17 were presented, and Embalagem do Futuro® was represented by its Project Manager, Pedro Costa.

In addition to the representatives of the 17 Agendas, the event was attended by Pedro Dominguinhos, President of the PRR National Monitoring Committee (CNA – PRR), António Ceia da Silva, President of CCDR Alentejo, António Oliveira das Neves, Economist and the recorded testimony of Isabel Ferreira, Secretary of State for Regional Development.

To find out more, you can read the articles available on the websites of CCDR Alentejo, Diário Campanário, and Diário do Sul.

Photos: Embalagem do Futuro and PACT