2nd Annual Meeting of Mobilizing Agendas with the presence of Embalagem do Futuro®

Embalagem do Futuro® was one of the Mobilizing and Green Agendas for Business Innovation invited to attend the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Mobilizing Agendas. This event, organized by the Government of Portugal as part of Governo Mais Próximo, took place on March 12 at Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira, with the aim of demonstrating the results achieved to this date by the PRR agendas.

Out of a total of 49 Mobilizing Agendas present at the event, Embalagem do Futuro® was one of the 14 agendas with a display of outputs already achieved, having been presented by the Consortium Leader, Nuno Cipriano, CEO of the company VANGEST. In February, the agenda had a physical execution rate of around 35% and a financial execution rate of 26%.

In addition to the representatives of the 49 Agendas, the event was attended by the Prime Minister, António Costa, the Minister for the Economy and the Sea, António Costa Silva, the Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato, the President of IAPMEI, Luís Guerreiro, among others.

To find out more, you can read the article available on the IAPMEI website.

Photos: Embalagem do Futuro® and IAPMEI