Governance Model

The COF is the highest body in the Consortium’s structure and is made up of a legal representative from each of the consortium members.

The Leader/Chair of the Consortium, which also assumes the position of Project Sponsor, is VANGEST – ENGENHARIA FINANCEIRA E GESTÃO S.A.

This is a decision-making body that supports the COF and whose main responsibilities are to ensure compliance with the project’s scope, budget, quality, and deadline.

The team responsible for implementing the project management methodology, planning, monitoring, and controlling resource consumption and the associated budgets. It reports information to the Steering Committee. In conjunction with PPS leaders, it ensures that all sub-projects, components, work packages, and deliverables are executed on time and in accordance with the specifications, quality requirements, and budget set.

Steering Committee

Pedro Gago, VANGEST
Artur Mateus, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
Henrique Carvalho, NERLEI
Paulo Santos, CIMRL

Project Management Team

Pedro Costa, NERLEI
Gonçalo Vieira, INOVA+
Rafaela Ferreira, VANGEST
Ricardo Rodrigues, INOVA+